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Song of the week - week 9, day 2

Here's my next choice for the 'Black List'.

Song: A change is gonna come
Artist: Sam Cooke

Not the first civil rights song sung by a black person (I think that might have been "Strange Fruit" from Billie Holiday), but it is one of the best. Sam had a great voice, and I love that he was one of the first soul singers who managed to wrote his own songs, and actually get them recorded and published.

Song of the week - week 9, day 1

The voting boxes have opened!

Because a lot of our national "best music of all time" lists are lacking in "black" songs and artists (seriously, only 2 Marvin Gaye songs in  a list of 2000?!), radio 6 has started it's own "black list" of songs.

The artist doesn't have to be black, but it does have to be a "black" music style. Like soul, r 'n b, jazz and blues.

You can vote till the 9th of March: stemmen.radio6.nl/stemmen/

I voted this morning, and for the next 15 days, I will show you what I voted for.

Song: Inner City Blues (Make me wanna holler)
Artist: Marvin Gaye

Timeless classic. Last year, I finally bought "What's Going On",  fearing it wouldn't live up to my expectations. I've heard it was the greatest album of it's kind. It was completely different from any other soul album made in that time.
If I could, I would put the entire album on the list. It's that good. It's even better than what people had told me. It feels like you're taking a journey with Marvin, and he's showing you all the things that are happening in the US, late sixties.
I put Inner City Blues on my list, because it's one of the best  "last songs" on an album I have ever heard. Music-wise, it has a very interesting rythm. How the lyrics repeat themselves; it drags you into the song. It wraps the whole album up, takes you back to the previous songs, shows the connection between them.

Now this is primary school stuff: I teach this to 3rd graders, so I really do not understand how come so many adults get it wrong. Facts are proven to be true. Things like: "When you look up in the sky at day-time, it's blue." In generally speaking, facts can't be discussed on wheter or not it's right or wrong. It just is the way it is.

Opinions on the other hand can be discussed. Opinions are changeable from one person to another. "I like to eat strawberries, my favourite colour is blue, the socialist party is the best option for our country." All opinions. Not facts.

Geert Wilders thinks that because there are several specialists who claim the Islam is bad for western society, it makes his opinion "Islam is bad" a fact. No, it doesn't. Even if more than one person shares your opinion, the opinion doesn't change into fact. Even if it's scientifically proven that more people prefer strawberries above oranges, doesn't make it a fact when you say: "Strawberries are tastier than oranges." It's still an opinion.

Because there are always people who would prefer the other. Not everyone likes the same thing, thinks the same way. There are just as many specialist who will claim the worth of Islam (and religion in general) for a society, as there are people who claim other wise.

Politicians often assume that their opinions are facts. Maybe they think it makes them look stronger in the argument. Maybe they think it makes the other side seem like liars. Fact is, it's not a correct way to use them. Just by changing "I think", or "I feel" into "It is a fact" doesn't make it so.

If you are going to use the term "fact", at least use it correctly.

Song of the week - week 7

Song: Love Letters
Artist: Alison Moyet


And again, no embedded content (grumbles) so here's the link: www.youtube.com/watch

Please watch. I promise it's very funny. You just can't beat Dawn French with a silly hat and Jennifer Saunders with a night-gown + shower cap.

Song of the week - week 6

Song: Baker Street
Artist: Gerry Rafferty

This really should just be the theme song to the BBC Sherlock series, don't you think? ;) It fits! Listen to the lyrics!

(And I have absolutely no idea why I can't post youtube video's anymore. Does anyone else have the same problem? You just get a black box, and nothing shows up in the finished entry...)

Link to the youtube video

Song of the week - week 5

Song: Sterrenstof
Artist: De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

Dutch music appreciation week!

And don't ask me about the lyrics, because IDK ;) I'm afraid it's the language of the youth, not mine. But it's groovy :nods:

Song of the week - Week 4

Song: Both Sides Now
Artist: Joni Mitchell

I love this song. And I think this is the best version. Her voice is so beautifull... Brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it.

Fanart: Sherlock and John playing tag

by ~Serekunda on deviantART

Done this morning. Consider this a first finished version, there's going to be a colored version later. Probably. ;)

I got inspired by a Sherlock fic I've read on sherlockbbc , where John described a dream he had about being 11 and running around London with a kid named Sherlock, playing tag. I don't know who wrote it, sadly. If anyone recognizes it, I'll be happy to credit the writer for the idea :)

It's not exactly what I pictured; it became a bit more suburban instead of city. Also, Sherlock and John look a lot younger than 11 :/

And the random youth is just that. Random. Allthough, thinking about it now, it could be a young!Lestrade, annoyed because Sherlock keeps getting in his way ;) Will have to change his hair, to make it work.

Song of the week - week 3

Artist:  Chef' Special
Song: Airplaying

We had the Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival last weekend in Groningen. Caro Emerald won the Pop Prijs, but the performance that really captured me that evening was this relative new band called Chef' Special. This was my favourite song they played, Airplaying. It's a combination of hiphop mixed with rock and roll (and a bit of 60's influences with the organ in the end). Definitely worth your time!

Song of the week - Week 2

Song: Take me over
Artist: Cut Copy

And yes, I realise they sound like Fleetwood Mac (Everywhere), but I don't mind. The same way as I don't mind "Shame" sounding like "Blackbird", or how the Beach Boys borrowed Chuck Berry's song for their hit, or how "Love me do" reminds me of  "Hey Baby". They are not the first to be inspired by other artists, and they won't be the last.

Discovered this band and this song last week. DJ Paul Rabbering from radio 3fm introduced me to it, and I liked it instantly. It's summer in Australia, and it shows. ;D Not exactly high standard in lyrics, but it gives you a good feeling, and that's also very important in songs.