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Song of the week - week 10, day 2

Song: None of your business
Artist: Salt 'n Peppa

Okay, sort of a confession to make: I LOVE SALT 'N PEPPA! Even "Let's talk about sex", the song that was a hit when I was about 10. I had no idea what it was about (well, sex, obviously), but just knowing that it was about sex made it sound very naughty for a 10 year old to listen to. By today standards, it's probably very tame.

But I love that they talked about sex, and dared to be 'agressive' about it. They weren't play-things, but they took control of their own sexual life. (And now be prepared for the old-lady complaining) What ever happened to females in r'nb?

And this is just a great song to sing when you're angry at someone ;)