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Song of the week - week 10, day 5

Song: Make you feel my love
Artist: Adele

And that's the last one! I really like this version, more than the one you hear on radio. It's sounds more "live", I guess. Adele is an amazing singer. And I do think she is beautifull.

Song of the week - week 10, day 4

Song: Ain't no sunshine
Artist: Bill Withers

Gorgeous song, second Bill Withers on my list. In case you were wondering, there is no real order in these songs. I am shit at saying what song I like most, because I like so many. And that sounds like a cop out, but it isn't. My favourite song changes every week. How could you ever say  "Here comes the sun" is better than "Try a little tenderness"? They are both from a different genre and both represent a different feeling. One isn't less than the other.

It's a bit of a weird clip though; don't know WHAT the drummer was thinking. Or what he was on. Most likely the latter ;) But just close your eyes and listen, because it's a great love song.

Song of the week - week 10, day 3

Song: Ain't got no, I've got life
Artist: Nina Simone

Probably one of the best live versions out there from this song.

Song of the week - week 10, day 2

Song: None of your business
Artist: Salt 'n Peppa

Okay, sort of a confession to make: I LOVE SALT 'N PEPPA! Even "Let's talk about sex", the song that was a hit when I was about 10. I had no idea what it was about (well, sex, obviously), but just knowing that it was about sex made it sound very naughty for a 10 year old to listen to. By today standards, it's probably very tame.

But I love that they talked about sex, and dared to be 'agressive' about it. They weren't play-things, but they took control of their own sexual life. (And now be prepared for the old-lady complaining) What ever happened to females in r'nb?

And this is just a great song to sing when you're angry at someone ;)

Song of the week - week 10, day 1

Song: Warwick Avenue
Artist: Duffy

One of the two modern soul songs I've put on my list.

Pop Quizz question: What's the connection between this song and my icon?
Song: Try a little tenderness
Artist: Otis Redding

The king of soul! This video is from one of his most famous concerts: Monterey Festival, the pre-nup to Woodstock. It's his breakthrough to the  "white" audience, since Monterey wasn't a soul music based festival, but more folk-music.

Otis Redding should have gotten more songs on my list, and I feel slightly ashamed for only putting this song on it, because he is my favourite soul singer. I wonder if they ever had to put him on oxygen after his performances, because MAN. Did that man give his all when he sang! Died far too young, of course. Should have lived a hundred years.

4 More Days...

And then the elections wil be over and I'll be able to walk in the city without being hassled by over-eager flyer-people. Even got into a bit of a discussion with a member of the International Socialists. He asked me what I was thinking of voting next week. I said I was thinking of voting either GroenLinks or D66 (eternal struggle, I fear). His reaction: "Oh God. Just do me a favour and don't vote at all."



People, don't tell me to do or not do something. I'm developing a bit of rebellious nature with politics lately, and when you try and tell me to do something (or not), my innerself only thinks: "Oh yeah? We will see about that!", and I'll end up doing the exact opposite of what you want me to do (or not do). Just to spite you.

Not that I will end up doing the exact opposite of what he wanted me to do (that would be voting PVV, and I'm not THAT rebellious), but I am not feeling very positive towards the SP at the moment.

Which is stupid, I know, but relax SP friendly followers. Still 4 days to go, my inner rebel will have calmed down by then, and if I don't vote SP on wednesday, it won't be because of Mister "If you don't vote for my party, I don't want you to vote at all".

Song of the week, week 9, day 6Collapse )

Song of the week - week 9, day 5

Song: Lean on me
Artist: Bill Withers

We all need a bit of help sometimes :) This song is so comforting, I love it. <3 

I was thinking of putting a different Bill Withers song on my list, but instead chose for two. He deserves it, being such a good song-writer. What was the other one? You'll find out later!

Song of the week - week 9, day 4

Song: No more drama
Artist: Mary J. Blige

This was the first Mary J. Blige song that I really liked. Very powerfull lyrics, and a fantastic video. I don't think she was ever as popular in The Netherlands as she was in the US: maybe that's a cultural thing, because her songs seem to aim so much at the urban American society. But this was such a universal song: everybody can go through bad things in their lives (abuse, drugs, violence, family problems, job problems) and this song can give hope.

This wasn't on the original "Black List", I had to add it. I don't really understand why, because they did have more contemperary songs (like Adele, Amy Whinehouse and Duffy), so why no Mary? :/

Song of the week - week 9, day 3

Song: Feelin' Good
Artist: Nina Simone

I love her voice. Won't be the only Nina Simone song on the list!